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Market trends and outlook on the global healthy beverages market

Now that wellness has become a mainstream lifestyle, companies in the food and beverage industry have to continuously reposition their products and brands to meet consumers’ needs. Wellness trends started ...

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M&A Insights China

With the United States poised to deploy its most powerful weapon, the dollar, how is China planning to circumvent the impact of a potential currency war? Oaklins’ specialist Angela Chen looks at the Chinese government’s first steps towards digitalizing the RMB to decouple it from the US dollar system and examines the likely consequences for Chinese M&A activity. ...

Angela Chen

“Outbound transactions, on the other hand, are decreasing as a result of the trade war and Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which inhibits investment from outside the European Union. The slowing global economy is also depressing outbound Chinese M&A, although there is still considerable activity among small and medium-sized companies, especially in regions where protectionist measures have been more muted.”

The importance of M&A in remaining competitive in the cheese industry

With many dairy groups realizing that M&A provides the easiest route to enter new markets and with cheap capital available to pave the way, deal activity ...

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Global trends and transactions in today’s food flavors industry

Today’s food flavors market is affected by various worldwide trends that include a growing population and changing customer demands. Understanding ...

Innovate to stay ahead in the glass processing sector

Although the manufacture of raw flat glass follows a well-established process—and basic flat glass products are made in a similar manner—technological innovations still occur.

Spotting opportunities for growth in the fast-moving fashion market

In the ever-changing world of fashion, disruption continues to shape the industry both on and off the catwalk: we look at six decision-influencing trends.

Vikas Dawra

“The next few years will be very exciting, as the country reaps the benefits of reforms and global capital makes its way to India. With its deep demographic advantages and the availability of a robust financial sector backed by a businessreform-oriented government, we expect M&A activity to increase manifold.”

M&A Insights India

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