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Testing, inspection & certification is one of our focus areas. Combining comprehensive sector knowledge with global execution has led Oaklins to become the most experienced M&A advisor in the TIC sector, with a large contact network of the most relevant market players worldwide. This results in the best possible merger, acquisition and divestment opportunities for TIC companies.

If mergers, acquisitions or divestitures of businesses or business units are part of your strategy, we would welcome the opportunity to exchange ideas with you. Please find our contact details below.



Amsterdam Netherlands

Work phone: +31 20 416 1303

Mobile: +31 6 13979718


Managing Partner

Hamburg, Germany

Work phone: +49 40 34914175

Mobile: +49 40 34914157


Managing Partner

Montreal, Canada

Work phone: +1 514-954-0070

Mobile: +1 514-815-0898



Amsterdam Netherlands

Work phone: +31 20 416 1303

Mobile: +31 6 53679442

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  • Merger & acquisition advisory (buy- and sell-side)
  • Growth equity and equity capital market advisory
  • Debt advisory
  • Corporate finance advisory services

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