May 2019

Deal Announcement

Oaklins supports Rolande in attracting growth financing

Rolande welcomes Rotterdam Port Fund and NIBC to its shareholder base. With the fresh capital raised, Rolande can accelerate the roll-out of its LNG filling station network.

Oaklins exclusive M&A advisor to the shareholder of Rolande

Rolande is a fast-growing supplier of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to the heavy-duty road transport sector. More specifically, the company is the most advanced LNG station operator in Europe and European market leader in terms of LNG sales volume to the heavy-duty road transport sector. In the Netherlands, one of Europe’s key markets, Rolande is even believed to have a market share of 70-75% based on volume.

In addition to its core business, being the development and exploitation of LNG stations, Rolande is also actively engaged in the production of bio-LNG and LNG transport from LNG terminals to LNG stations. Furthermore, Rolande offers LNG-based Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) at some of its stations.

Rolande has built its leading market position amongst others based on its first mover advantage, as the company was one of the first LNG station operators in Europe.

As such, Rolande has been able to claim the best locations in one of Europe’s key markets; the Netherlands. All of Rolande’s current 13 LNG stations are located in the Netherlands. The company is in the process of leveraging on its European market leadership by expanding into the highly attractive German and Belgium markets. Building upon its market position and experience, Rolande has the potential to maintain its market leadership in the fast-growing European LNG heavy-duty road transport sector.

However, Rolande lacked the financial funds for a fast roll-out of its LNG filling station network. Subsequently, amongst others based on its vast M&A experience in the energy transition and biofuels segments, Oaklins was hired to attract a new shareholder that could facilitate Rolande’s growth plan.

Oaklins performance

In recent years, Oaklins closed a number of transactions in the energy transition and biofuels segments. Examples are the sale of EnergieWonen to Essent, the (partial) sale of Energie Transitie Groep to Greenchoice, the sale of Simadan to Parcom, the capital injection in Zelfstroom by Autobinck and the sales of Alfen to Infestos and C5 Yeast to DSM.

Based on those deals, Oaklins has built deep industry expertise and an extensive relationship networks around the energy transition and biofuels ecosystem. As such, Oaklins was able to position Rolande as a very attractive investment opportunity; based on its market leading position, Rolande is best positioned to benefit from the strong market growth.

Potential new shareholders from all over the globe were subsequently identified and contacted by Oaklins. After a competitive process, Rotterdam Port Fund and NIBC were chosen to be the preferred new shareholders. Frank de Hek commented: “We are delighted to have advised Rolande and its shareholder on this transaction. In additional to fresh capital, Rotterdam Port Fund has proven to have a deep understanding of the industry dynamics. With Rotterdam Port Fund and NIBC as new shareholders, the management of Rolande can now realise Rolande’s strategic goals.”

Rotterdam Port Fund is an independent investment fund that invests in innovative Rotterdam port-related companies with a specific focus on sustainability and the energy transition that have attractive market prospects. The fund is an initiative of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, NIBC Bank, InnovationQuarter, Koninklijke Doeksen and Rotterdam based entrepreneurs Peter Goedvolk and Luc Braams.

NIBC is a merchant bank.

“Our decision to select Oaklins as advisor in the fundraising process was key to achieve this transaction.
They assembled an experienced team of professionals that thoughtfully presented our value proposition to a large potential partner universe, and successfully navigated us through the process. At every step along the way, I felt that Oaklins was there for us striving to deliver the best result possible.”

Fred Schouten, shareholder Rolande

Oaklins people

Oaklins’ deal teams consist of trusted advisors with an entrepreneurial mindset who combine global industry expertise

with local presence.




“LNG and Bio-LNG play a crucial role in making heavy road transport and shipping more sustainable.
As Rolande, we want to play a leading role in making that happen. The further roll-out of our filling station network in Europe and the marketing of Bio-LNG are the most important goals. Together with RPF and NIBC we can realize our ambitious growth plans.”

Jolon van der Schuit, CEO of Rolande

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The Rolande transaction complements Oaklins’ strong track record in renewable energy and sustainability.

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