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Ongoing strong M&A market in the Netherlands, with also continued high activity in Europe

The total number of transactions in the Netherlands in HY 2018 totaled 272 deals, 25 more than in the same period of the previous year. This year had a firing start with 145 deals in the first quarter. The second quarter of 2018 slowed somewhat down with a decrease of 12.4% in the number of transactions (127 deals). However, this score is still higher compared to the same quarter in 2016 (122 deals).

In HY 2018, we particularly see a lot of activity in the TMT sector (31.9%), followed by transactions in the industrial segment 19.2%) and consumer industry (incl. food & retail | 11.8%). The vast majority of the transactions in HY 2018 where strategic buyer deals (70.6%), where the remaining part consists of financial buyer deals (29.4%).

In the European market, trends slightly differed as in Q2 2018 1,997 deals were closed, which is an increase of almost 12% compared to Q1 2018. Compared to Q2 2017, the second quarter of 2018 saw a decrease of 6% in number of transactions. We expect that, fueled by the ongoing economic prosperity and continuing low interest rates, the Dutch and European M&A markets will continue to prosper in the coming quarter.

This report aims to explain and map trends in the Dutch as well as the European M&A market on a quarter by quarter basis. It gives you an overview of key transactions, trends and related news within the M&A market and beyond. The content of the report is based on our own research and data from Mergermarket. The report identifies trends across markets, industries and buyer profiles.

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