Our clients
forge new paths

Few people have the courage and determination to become succesfull in business; it takes a special kind of bravery to face the risks of starting a new venture. Fewer still have succeeded in such a formidable journey, and created a business with considerable capital value through a sale or kept growing through an acquisition. If you are reading this, you are likely a member of that elite club. Congratulations!

Your success is our priority
in every deal

A successful acquisition or refinancing requires hard work, dedication and the right advice from skilled professionals.

We know your industry, and we understand what it took to get to where you are. Many of us at Oaklins have been through the process ourselves. We deliver the unparalleled expertise you deserve, whether you are an individual or represent a corporation or financial investor.

With us as your partner, you’re equipped with the agility to navigate market changes, pursue creative and powerful new directions, and realize your vision.

“Thanks to everyone on the Oaklins team who made the transaction a successful and well-managed process.Their extensive industry knowledge and positioning of ur company during the process were a true added value.”


Trusted national and international advice

Oaklins' trusted senior advisors are entrepreneurs and have the skills and experience to ensure the best results for our clients, whether at home or abroad. From large nationally and internationally listed companies to midsize private businesses, the Oaklins way is to make a difference for every client on every deal.

What some of our clients said

"For Qbit, as a SME, a deal like this is a once- in-a lifetime experience. Oaklins helped to secure the deal which will allow us to start executing our growth strategy. A fantastic opportunity for our organization and team."

Erik Rutkens, QBIT

"We believed that Oaklins would do the best job at positioning our company in the right way to the right group of international buyers. With dedication, commitment and a down-to-earth approach the Oaklins team helped identify and structure the right deal, ticking all the boxes from our wish list."

Leo Blankenstein, VAF Instruments

"Oaklins charmed us. Our culture and way of doing business was a good match as they are pragmatic and down-to-earth. We appreciated that and were extremely satisfied. Oaklins managed to exceed our expectations."

Kirsten Bradley, Eriks

"Oaklins added value at every stage and clearly understood our company and the industry. I don’t think we could possibly have been in better hands."

Jeff Colegrave, Floranova